What are the most preferred perfumes among celebrities?

We all have favourite celebrities – like models, actors, singers, etc. There’s no doubt that their life is not just exciting and amazing, but also full of vanity, glamour and lots of classy events. Probably, at some point and somehow each of us has at least once secretly wished to have such a life. So if you do want to be as close as possible to your favourite celebrity, you can give it a try and wear his or her perfume. Speaking of which, this is the topic of today’s material. We want to share with you what are the most preferred perfumes among celebrities.

Actors and actresses

Angelina Jolie shares that one of her most favourite perfume is Bvlgari Black. This modern and exquisite aroma fully represents her essence. What is a curious fact here, though, is that the most feminine actress nowadays actually goes for a fragrance, which is appropriate for both: women and men. Well, Jolie is a woman that’s too hot not to be afraid of any perfume, because she will still be the symbol of sexiness.
Olivia Palermo, which is mostly become that famous after her appearance in The City, prefers lighter perfumes that bring the air of flowers. She shares she always wear Guerlain Idylle, which remind us of romance and deep sensitiveness.
Anne Hathaway and her classical feminine nature prefer the classical Chanel Chance, but also lovers Lancome Magnifique, too. It’s interesting that both fragrances describe the actress’ both essences: Chanel speaks of her seductive nature, while Lancome’s aroma speaks of Anne’s fresh everyday lifestyle with so much beauty all around.

Justin Timberlake
might be the official Givenchy Play face, but the truth is that this is indeed his most favourite fragrance. And how could it not be with this mystic wooden aroma combined with so much freshness and maturity!?

Gwyneth Paltrow prefers Tom Ford Black Orchid, on the other side, due to its luxurious and eccentric scent!
Emma Roberts is a fan of Dior Pure Poison. This fragrance is well-known for its bold scent that mixes elegance and spring flowers.
Scarlett Johansson’s sexiness is something no one can resist, while the actress claims to be unable to resists the smell of Dolce & Gabbana’s The One. This fragrance is just like her – hypnotising and contemporary!
Meryl Streep loves Guerlain Shalimar and there’s so much logic in this preference. Just like the actress, this fragrance is so elegant, feminine and sensual…

One of the most popular rappers nowadays, 50 Cent says he loves Ralph Lauren Polo – classical, masculine and bold, like him, yes!
The teen idol Miley Cyrus loves Marc Jacobs Daisy for the fragrance fascinating air of freshness and sexiness.

Elle MacPherson prefers the spicy Guerlain’s Vetivar, which is, by the way, a masculine scent. The model, though, claims her body has chosen the fragrance, itself, basically for the extreme air of exoticness in it.
Gisele Bundchen has rarely replaced her top favourite YSL Opium for its blossom of spices, flowers and experiences it comes with. Well, to tell you the truth the fragrance, indeed, speaks of Brazil somehow…

Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, who is one of the longest ruling monarchs from the previous century and well-known for being the official husband of Grace Kelly, goes for Guerlain Habit Rouge. It’s an aroma that is both: elegant and earthy, symbolising freedom and masculinity.
Princess Stephanie of Monaco, the daughter of Rainier III, prefers Chanel’s Allure for its elegance, simplicity and creative mixture of beauty and glamour.

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